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Terms & Conditions

Only Saudi Cast employees are allowed to access this portal.
Only relevant topics will be posted.
Users are not allowed to post any political or religious views.
All posts will be monitored by the administrator.
Changes to “user names” or email address are not allowed.
Please use responsibly.

How to use this Portal

Log-in to the Saudi Cast web site, and choose from the main menu.
Log-in using your user name and password, which are provided by the administrator.
User can change their password with the help of setting option.
Send your post to:, for approval. Once approved, it will appear under your name on the portal.

About Saudi Cast Community

The Saudi Cast Employees portal is a community website for Saudi Cast employees only. Users will get company updates and news, in addition to GM notes, events, and postings for vacant positions within the company and much more.

Socially, the portal will allow the user to post invitations, congratulations, and announcements (births, engagements, weddings, etc.). The user can use this portal for buying and selling personal items like phones and computers.

The static part of this portal will have the company catalogue and the Employee Manual.

Using this portal is easy. Just follow the instructions on how to log-in and read the terms and conditions of use, and you will be on your way to finding out more about your company, and be able to making your own posts and contributions.